There are 200 million pairs of sneakers that get thrown away each year in this country. Most of those old sneakers still have life left in them, yet they are buried alive. They end up in landfills, never seeing the light of day again. Hundreds of millions of people around the world don’t own footwear, and walk barefoot in the streets.

What if those buried kicks could make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer in this country? What if they were made available as affordable footwear to those in developing nations in need of sneakers or tennis shoes? Would you Dunk Your Kicks today and make it count for a lifetime?

Dunk Your Kicks is a unique fundraising initiative where we are asking you to reach into your closets, not your pockets. We invite you to dig out those old or gently used sneakers and running shoes that you don’t wear, the ones that sit in closets or on shelves in the garage, and collect dust. Dunk Your Kicks for pediatric cancer gives purpose to the kicks you don’t wear! Find a Dunk Your Kicks collection or event near you. Also, find out how you can be a Dunk Your Kicks Ambassador and bring us into your community.

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We are currently collecting sneakers at different mud runs and fitness endurance events from coast to coast. If you would like to see if the Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces will be collecting sneakers at your next race, please visit our Dunk Your Kicks Locations page.