13-Year-Old Raises $1,200 for Pediatric Cancer in Liu of Birthday Gifts

Pediatric Cancer Kids Helping KidsCharitable giving and philanthropy is a difficult concept to teach children and young adults. Face it, learning to share is a difficult milestone to reach, but giving one’s time and money to benefit others they don’t know, is in fact a hard concept to grasp, especially at a young age. However, one young girl in California clearly understands the good that can come out of personal sacrifice for others.

Rosie just celebrated her 13th birthday. The 13th birthday is special for young girls. It is the year where most girls are unwrapping make-up and new clothes and preparing for their first year as a teenager. Instead, Rosie was unwrapping donations and gift cards for The Max Cure Foundation.  In total, Rosie collected $600 in gift cards and donations which her family matched, bringing the final total to $1,200.

Max Cure often receives requests from parents wanting to get their children involved in our Dunk Your Kicks campaign, where they collect used sneakers on behalf of the Foundation. The sneakers are then sold as affordable footwear in developing nations, with a percentage of the proceeds going to financially support low-income and military families who have a child battling pediatric cancer. These families are part of the Roar Beyond Barriers program. Yet, Rosie’s independent actions show that when given the opportunity to be inspired, children and young adults can do amazing things.

From all of us at The Max Cure Foundation, we believe that both Rosie and her family are an inspiration to others. We hope the story Rosie’s selfless act reaches the newsfeeds of others who read this blog, and who are motivated to take action for a cause near to their hearts. We know that Rosie received more joy this year on her birthday because of the good that she did than any mountain of gifts could have provided.

If you would like to learn more about how your child or family can support the Max Cure Foundation please feel free to contact us here, or fill out the form on this page to bring Dunk Your Kicks to your community or business.