Az Kids Use Fall Break to Kick Start Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser

Kids at Audio Express

Ty (12), Angelisa (11), & Jayden (5) Bring Dunk Your Kicks to Audio Express.

The Max Cure Foundation’s Dunk Your Kicks Campaign is spreading across the country fast and furiously paving the way for future philanthropists of all ages  to take a stand against pediatric cancer, and make a difference in the lives of those living with the disease.This campaign is fun, exciting and  requires dedicated people, willing to be our feet on the ground, or as we call them, our “Special Forces” team. When Max Cure Foundation decided to bring Dunk Your Kicks to Arizona, we had a very unique Special Forces team volunteer to take charge. Three elementary children from Chandler decided to use their first week of fall break to take a stand up against pediatric cancer, one Arizona business at a time.

“I liked the idea of my children becoming Future Philanthropists of America” said the boys’ Mother, “but most of all I liked that they were able to do something for the local community that didn’t require asking people for money. Times are tough right now, it is hard to give when you barely have enough for yourself, but with the Dunk Your Kicks campaign, people don’t have to empty their wallets, just their closets. I mean, everyone has a pair of old sneakers lying around!” The three kids, ages 12, 11 and 5, along with their parents, traveled from Gilbert to Glendale to Tucson, delivering boxes to 10 different Audio Express locations, Fix24 Scottsdale Chiropractic, and Fidelity National Title. In fact, it is because of Angelisa, that Fidelity National Title got involved in the Arizona Dunk Your Kicks campaign. Angelisa’s Mother, Serena, is an employee at Fidelity National, and heard about the program from her daughter. It did not take her much to inspire the management team and within hours they decided to start their own collection.

Serena and Angelisa

Daughter & Mother Take a Stand Against Pediatric Cancer Together, One Dunk at a Time.

When asked why she was so enthusiastic about getting her work involved, and supporting her daughter’s philanthropic ambition, she responded “I am fortunate to have a healthy child, but pediatric cancer does not discriminate. We need to give back to those affected and promote research in treatment and advances in prevention. I want to teach my daughter how important it is to save the future of our planet. Our children are our future.”

A representative from The Max Cure Foundation will be visiting Arizona early next week, as he visits with local hospitals to identify the families who will be supported through our Roar Beyond Barriers program. The Dunk Your Kicks collection will be taking place at participating locations starting October 1, 2013 through November 22, 2013. We are still looking for businesses, schools, churches or camps to help support our goal to raise 20,000 pairs of sneakers, which equates to around $20,000 for Roar Beyond Barriers Arizona. You can make a difference! Drop off your used sneakers at a participating location, or call 646-599-9218 to learn how you can make a monetary donation.

If you would like to donate, please click here to get a list of participating collection locations. If you are interested in supporting the Dunk Your Kicks Arizona campaign, follow this link to become a donation location, or click here to “Match a Dunk” online.