Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces Team | The Boudin Family

Boudin Family

Max Cure Foundation met the Boudin family on Twitter when we saw Emma at camp donating her sneakers. The conversation started and the support we have received from this family has been tremendous! Today we pay tribute to the Boudin family for their heroism in taking a stand against pediatric cancer!

“Never a dull moment with The Boudin Family; life in our house is always interesting.” 13 year old daughter Emma, is artsy and creative. She looks at the world with a unique perspective and loves to make people laugh. Emma is a serious vocalist who just had her recording debut in June! Jesse is 12 years old and is a leader and communicator. He enjoys getting to know people. Jesse was born to be a rockstar drummer; his drumsticks are always in hand ready to jam. Together this family embraces living life to the fullest.

The Boudin’s believe in the philosophy “the power of one”… teaching their children that all it takes is one person to make a difference in the world. They talk about importance of philanthropy, random acts of kindness, karma, and giving back to the community. Jen Boudin, the children’s Mother, told Max Cure, “When Emma, learned of the Max Cure Foundation she grabbed a pair of old kicks before she ran off to camp and dunked them!” Through a series of tweets, including a link to Emma and her music and a picture of her “DUNKING HER KICKS,” the Boudin family became Dunk Your Kicks ambassadors! Jen states her immediate feeling about the campaign was, “What a fabulous way for our community to come together!”

bag of kicksDunk Your Kicks, is a concrete, tangible way for our students and families to raise funds with no selling, to save the lives of children, the lives of the sneakers, and some of the life of our planet!  With the children merging back into our lives after sleep-away camp, and back to school shopping around the corner, Jen approached the owners of Tyler Hill Camp, with a positive and productive way to get rid of those muddy, post-camp sneakers, and the sneakers that our children have grown out of. THC jumped on the Max Cure bandwagon…. (thanks Wendy and Andy!)”

Boudin Kids With Logo“We have raised awareness about their program and brought Dunk Your Kicks to many locations like: our camp Tyler Hill, our neighborhood in Melville, and our middle school. For at least 4 weeks we had a bucket full of sneakers on my front porch. I believe we helped collect at least 750 pairs of sneakers. Our Mitzvah, and act of tzedukah, is understanding that giving back, is not a one time deal, it’s a lifetime commitment. Tikkun Olam is a philosophy that represents my household. To repair the world… that is what Tikkun Olam means. Being a Good Jew, really means being a good person. We don’t have to just give to one cause. A random act of kindness, in any form that makes you feel fulfilled, can change someone’s life. When you feel called to action, follow your heart. Many people dedicate themselves to one project, but my family and I feel that in order to repair the world you, it’s important to spread the love wherever it is needed.” – Emma Boudin