Can You Hear Our Roar?

Pediatric cancer does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are a Wall Street tycoon or a single parent living in the inner city, the disease devastates families, not only emotionally, but financially as well. The Roar Beyond Barriers program extends support to families in need so they may provide higher quality of care for their children at home.  Typically, the medical and health care needs are provided through insurance, Medicaid or unreimbursed medical care through the treating hospital. Hence, these expenses are not part of the Roar Beyond Barriers program.

pediatric cancer

The Roar Beyond Barriers program has provided support to 73 families since its inception in 2011 and provided over $150,000 in financial support since that time. We currently have families in 12 states from coast to coast including, Arizona (Phoenix),  California (Oakland), Connecticut (Hartford), Florida (Jacksonville, Orlando and Pensacola), Louisiana (Shreveport), Maryland (Baltimore), Minnesota (Minneapolis), New Jersey (Hackensack and Newark), New York (New York City, Syracuse and on Long Island), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Texas (Austin and Houston) and Washington (Seattle).

pediatric cancer

Our goal for 2014 is that our Dunk Your Kicks campaign, where we turn your used sneakers into dollars, will fund the Roar Beyond Barriers program. We want to inspire the children to help the children. We want to teach our youths how to become future philanthropists of America, without having to ask for money. The Dunk Your Kicks program is well on its way and we are excited about the year ahead, however these children still need support in the meantime.

Can you hear our Roar? Help us continue to provide for these families. You can even choose which state your tax deductible donations will support if it includes one of the States identified above – otherwise the funds can go towards the program generally to assist the families. A little bit goes a long way.   


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