Honeywell Brings Dunk Your Kicks Back to Arizona

The Max Cure Foundation launched its Roar Beyond Barriers Arizona program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in October of 2013. Max Cure ambassadors brought Dunk Your Kicks to Arizona by getting the Arizona State University Sun Devil Club, Audio Express and other local businesses and community organizations involved. The monies raised from the sneaker collections in Arizona go towards supporting a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old boy, both from single parent homes and both battling different forms of brain cancer.

We are thrilled to announce that Honeywell’s Phoenix and Tempe Wellness Center locations will be keeping the Arizona Roar Beyond Barriers program alive through their support. Honeywell employees can now clean out their closets of used sneakers and “Dunk Your Kicks” for pediatric cancer causes on their way to work. We were impressed to hear that the organization has been collecting sneakers for over four years and recycling them to better the planet overall. When we told them how Max Cure can take these sneakers and make a difference not only for the planet, but people in developing nations, and families battling pediatric cancer, their support was almost immediate. There are donation boxes located at the Honeywell Wellness Centers in both Phoenix and Tempe locations.

IMG_0428“At the Honeywell Health & Wellness Center, we make sure our members replace their kicks on a regular basis to avoid injuries and provide optimal support for their workout. So instead of just throwing those shoes away several times a year we were looking for a place we could donate them instead and found Dunk Your Kicks. What a great cause! So instead of just filling up landfills we feel it is much more beneficial for us to donate those old shoes in order to help families with children battling cancer.” Says Cheri Fisher, Honeywell Health and Wellness Center’s Program Director.

The Max Cure Foundation would also like to give a special shout out to our Arizona Dunk Your Kicks Ambassador, Serena Knierim, who was a key factor in Honeywell learning about The Max Cure Foundation’s Dunk Your Kicks campaign.