Max Cure Foundation

The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to advancing cures for pediatric cancers, funding the development of less toxic treatments for children, including the funding of an immune cell therapy lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center dedicated to alternative treatments for children battling the disease. MCF provides low-income families who are battling pediatric cancer emotional and financial support, while seeking to inspire children with the disease to face it with courage and bravery.

The Max Cure Foundation has paved the way for all generations to be an entrepreneur and philanthropist, no matter age, race ethnic background, religion or demographic. MCF has many events and programs which can easily be implemented on a small and grand scale, and incorporated into new and or already existing events. MCF works with experts, in various fields and has built a credible and impressive team which includes, but is not limited to  professional and college athletes, coaches and celebrities. Team Max Cure is made up of  professionals in sports marketing, communications, media, medical, legal and political professions. Endorsements from successful and credible minds who believe in The Max Cure philosophy and vision allows MCF  to inspire, and educate others while maintaining the integrity of it’s mission;  to advance cures and treatment for pediatric cancer. Since inception The Max Cure Foundation has raised over $2 Million dollars in the fight against pediatric cancer.

The Story of Max- “The Blessing of a Fall “