Dunk Your Kicks at the Hamptons Marathon

The Max Cure Foundation is proud to announce that we will be teaming up with the Hamptons Marathon this year and the Bridgehampton Half Marathon in 2015. The Hamptons Marathon gives 100% of their proceeds to different charities each year, and Max Cure is thrilled to have been selected as one of them for this year’s race. […]

Cards Creating Change For Max Cure Foundation

Imagine if a holiday card, a birthday card, or any card could change the world?  Imagine that you could create a moment, in todays fast past world, where you can give someone a reason to slow down and enjoy the luxury of opening a card…Imagine too that this card would give $1 to the Max […]

Ventura Marathon Brings Dunk Your Kicks Back to California

The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) is excited to be visiting Ventura, California thanks to the tremendous support of The Ventura Marathon. The weekend of September 5th through the 7th, Max Cure team members and volunteers will have a Dunk Your Kicks booth, collecting used sneakers and running shoes to raise money for pediatric cancer causes. […]

dunk your kicks

Az Brownie Troop Supports Max Cure Foundation

Author: Nicole Hopkins As a new Brownie Troop leader (girls in grades 2 and 3) in the Southern Arizona Region (Troop 26), I wanted to really try and provide my girls with a “girl led” experience, and also introduce them to the idea of impacting a world beyond their immediate view. Additionally, I was interested […]

Maine Camp Experience Brings Dunk Your Kicks to Camp… Again…

The Max Cure Foundation is proud to announce that Maine Camp Experience (MCE) has invited us to bring Dunk Your Kicks back to their summer camps. Last summer, we collected well over 1,000 pairs of sneakers at the participating camps and look forward to exceeding that number this summer. We want to extend a roaring […]

Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser

StartLine Racing Makes an Aggressive Promise to Max Cure

The Max Cure Foundation is excited to announce we have joined forces with StartLine Racing, an Arizona racing company, to launch another Arizona Dunk Your Kicks collection to raise money for our Roar Beyond Barriers program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Jeff Crane, StartLine’s owner, and their team have set an aggressive goal to collect 10,000 […]

San Luis Obispo Marathon

Dunk Your Kicks at the SLO Marathon

The Max Cure Foundation will be at the SLO Marathon and Expo this weekend. Thank you to KSBY for airing this segment.

Jersey Fest

Meadowlands Racing & Jersey Fest Support Max Cure Foundation

The Max Cure Foundation is pleased to have been chosen as The Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment Group’s charity for the month of May, 21014.   Beginning May 2nd Meadowlands Racing, guests who make a $1 donation to the Charity of the Month will receive a rubber horse to throw into the window of a moving car.  The  Meadowlands Racing & […]

Dunk Your Kicks Arizona

StartLine Racing Supports Arizona Families Battling Pediatric Cancer

The Max Cure Foundation, a non-profit pediatric cancer foundation, is excited to announce that StartLine Racing, an Arizona Race Event company, has joined our ‘Roar’ to help support the Arizona Roar Beyond Barriers program. StartLine Racing was created to give every runner the best possible Race Day experience every time, while supporting different philanthropic causes and now […]

Save Josh

The #SaveJosh Story – How Social Media May Have Saved a Boy’s Life

It started with a phone call on March 5, 2014, and then a desperate plea for help commencing March 9th, which ended 48 hours later, as one of the biggest social media success stories of the year. On Sunday, March 9th, 2014 the Max Cure Foundation Marketing Director received a phone call from the Vice-Chair, […]

Honeywell Brings Dunk Your Kicks Back to Arizona

The Max Cure Foundation launched its Roar Beyond Barriers Arizona program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in October of 2013. Max Cure ambassadors brought Dunk Your Kicks to Arizona by getting the Arizona State University Sun Devil Club, Audio Express and other local businesses and community organizations involved. The monies raised from the sneaker collections in […]

Dunk Your Kicks at the Ultimate Sneaker Expo

The Max Cure Foundation is excited to announce it has become the official beneficiary of the Ultimate Sneaker Expo in Syosset, NY on April 26, 2014, and will be collecting new and used sneakers to raise money for pediatric cancer research and to assist families battling the disease in their children. Trade and sell your […]

Dunk Your Kicks

Dunk Your Kicks Comes to the San Luis Obispo Marathon in Memory of Sam

Every individual or family deals with loss differently. A few months ago, The Max Cure Foundation received a message on Facebook from a Mother asking if we could bring Dunk Your Kicks to the San Luis Obispo Marathon in April. We were thrilled to receive such an invitation and inspired by this woman’s efforts to […]

New Found Artist Gives Back to Pediatric Cancer Causes

John D. Herz not only inspires the world through his pencil drawings, but now will be supporting The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) through his incredible gift. John always enjoyed drawing, but did not consider himself an artist. John never took lessons and drew occasionally as the mood hit him. Then on John’s 58th birthday, Nancy, […]

Makin music for families

Makin’ Music for Families Supports Pediatric Cancer Causes

The Max Cure Foundation is excited to announce it has been chosen as a beneficiary from the Makin’ Music for Families program. Makin’ Music for Families is a music education program targeted toward preschoolers that will be enjoyed by the entire family to foster early childhood development and family bonding through music and music education. […]

Match a Dunk

Can You Hear Our Roar?

Pediatric cancer does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are a Wall Street tycoon or a single parent living in the inner city, the disease devastates families, not only emotionally, but financially as well. The Roar Beyond Barriers program extends support to families in need so they may provide higher quality of care for their children […]

Pediatric cancer

Your JetBlue Miles Could Help Save a Child’s Life…

Max Cure Foundation has partnered with Kula Causes the world’s largest platform for online charitable giving.  Kula’s goal is to help nonprofits connect with people from around the globe.  This partnership allows our donors an easy way to give to Max Cure Foundation during the holiday season and all year. To Donate: Go to the […]

Max Cure Foundation Brings Dunk Your Kicks to Arizona

Phoenix Arizona – Arizona families battling pediatric cancer just received a helping hand. The Max Cure Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating pediatric cancer, recently brought its Dunk Your Kicks program to the desert. Dunk Your Kicks is a unique fundraising initiative that asks people to donate their used sneakers in lieu of […]

Pediatric Cancer

Health2Fit.com Helps Raise Awareness for Dunk Your Kicks Az Campaign

Max Cure Foundation’s Dunk Your Kicks campaign has taken on a life of it’s own thanks to the amazing community support in Arizona. Our efforts have been supported by local businesses, churches, schools, Honors clubs, and the media! We have to admit that we are awe inspired by your response! On Saturday, November 23, 2013, […]

Dunk Your Kicks

Dunk Your Kicks | What Your Kids Learned At Camp This Year

We want to give a #Roaring Thank You to Maine Camp Experience for taking our Dunk Your Kicks program to an entirely new level this year! We had some amazing support both with the number of sneakers The Max Cure Foundation received from the many camps at Maine Camp Experience. Although collecting sneakers was the […]

Why Pediatric Cancer is So Underfunded. Max Cure & Devin T. Thorpe Tell it Like it Is.

Forbes contributor, Devin T. Thorpe, The Social Entrepreneur, invited Max Cure Chairman David & Richard Plotkin to discuss the serious concerns surrounding pediatric cancer. In this interview you will learn a little about the history behind The Max Cure Foundation and what inspired the Plotkin family to take the fight to pediatric cancer. See the […]

Scottsdale Chiropractor Supports Local Children Battling Pediatric Cancer

Dr. Michael Robb and the team at Fix24 Scottsdale Chiropractic was informed about the Dunk Your Kicks Arizona campaign and within a matter of minutes decided to take a stand against pediatric cancer, one Dunk at a time! Today, local kids visited the Fix 24 clinic to set up the collection box and share their […]

Az Kids Use Fall Break to Kick Start Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser

The Max Cure Foundation’s Dunk Your Kicks Campaign is spreading across the country fast and furiously paving the way for future philanthropists of all ages  to take a stand against pediatric cancer, and make a difference in the lives of those living with the disease.This campaign is fun, exciting and  requires dedicated people, willing to […]

Dunk Your Kicks New Jersey

October Brings Dunk Your Kicks to the NJ Ramsey Library

For the entire month of October, the Ramsey Library in New Jersey! A Roaring Thanks to the Ramsey Library for hosting the fundraiser as well as The Ramsey Patch for publishing this story. We have a feeling the families in New Jersey will make this a very successful campaign! Click the link below to read […]

Amos Ryan and Coach Petrie Reunite

Amos Ryan, a former high school and collegiate basketball star from Union Island who is now a New York City police officer, and the Father of a child who battled pediatric cancer, was awarded the Max Cure Foundation’s Roar Beyond Barriers Award on August 28th. He was honored with this award by none other than […]

Bergen.com Shares Some Behind The Scenes Photos

Bergen.com shares some behind the scenes photos from The Max Cure Foundation’s charity basketball tournament held at The Ross School on August 24, 2013. It looks like everyone had a ROARING good time! See the full story here: 

Hamptons.com Features Max Cure’s 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament & Family Fun Day

Hampton’s.com features The Max Cure Foundation as they share details about the 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and Family Fun Day scheduled for August 24, 2013 at the Ross School. 

Pediatric Cancer

Hamptons Magazine Feature on Max Cure

Hamptons Magazine featured The Max Cure Foundation in the August edition. In this article they share the story behind Max and how Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul is taking a stand against pediatric cancer!

David Plotkin of Max Cure and family

27East Features The Max Cure Foundation’s Hampton’s Summer Event

27East.com featured The Max Cure Foundation and our upcoming 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and Family Fun day coming up on August 24, 2013. Click here to purchase tickets to the event, or read the full article here: 

Max Cure Kids

13 Reasons to Dunk Your Kicks

There are 200,000 preventable deaths from cancer in this country every year, which Max Cure Foundation (sometimes referred to as MCF) speculates includes a disproportionate number of children from low-income families. These families battling cancer in their children are generally in need of financial assistance.  Each year 13,500 children (19 and under) in the United States […]

Dunk Your Kicks Comes to Camp Runoia

The Morning Sentinal covers Dunk Your Kicks and The Max Cure Foundation’s visit to Camp Runoia. 


The Max Cure Foundation and The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) announced a joint grant today of $100,000.

Pediatric Non-profit and Cancer Research Foundation Announce Grant to Fund Treatment

(New York) – Today pediatric cancer researchers got a huge boost after The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) and The Max Cure Foundation awarded them a grant worth $100,000. The Max Cure/SWCRF Collaborative Pediatric Cancer Research Grant will be given to John Crispino, Ph.D., from the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern […]

Thousands of ‘Spartans’ brave grueling obstacles, aide numerous charities

Katie McKellar, For the Deseret News writes about Dunk Your Kicks at Spartan Race in Utah. Read more…

Dunk Your Kicks Survival Race

Style Cartel Blog—Survivor Race/Dunk Your Kicks

Give back one shoe at a time through Dunk Your Kicks. On June 15th The Survival Race goes to Six Flags in New Jersey partnering with The Max Cure Foundation to collect old (or muddy, if your participating in the race) sneakers. Read more…

Dunk Your Kicks

Campers Thrive at “Dunk Your Kicks” Social Action Events at Maine Summer Camps

Maine Camp Experience’s Laurie Kaiden writes about how Dunk Your Kicks has made an impact on the campers at Maine Camp Experience! 

Dunk Your Kicks

‘Dunk Your Kicks’ comes to Poland summer camp

This summer, The Max Cure Foundation has partnered with the Maine Camp Experience, a community of Maine’s premier camps, to bring the Dunk Your Kicks fundraising campaign to the state. It is also the first time the organization is partnering with an overnight camp for the social action program.

dunk your kicks

Dunk Your Kicks at Tripp Lake Camp and Help Children with Cancer!

Don’t throw away your old sneakers!  Bring them to camp and donate them to a worthy cause! Dunk Your Kicks came to Tripp Lake Camp and had a Roaring good time! 

Going to the Max | Pain Resource Article

The “blessings of a fall” is how David Plotkin describes that spring day in 2007 when his son Max, took a tumble and life turned upside down. Read more…

Dunk Your Kicks

This Weekend at Six Flags, NJ: Donate Your Child’s Old Sneakers to help Cure Cancer

This weekend, on June 15th, kick off those muddy sneakers and give back to the community. The Max Cure Foundation is partnering up with The Survival Race—at Six Flags in New Jersey—to help fight pediatric cancer with their Dunk Your Kicks campaign. Their goal is to collect 500,000 pairs of sneakers nationwide. Read More…

MCE Announces Its ‘Do Something’ Summer – First Up: “Dunk Your Kicks” at Maine Camps!

Maine Camps team up with Max Cure Foundation to bring Dunk Your Kicks to their camps and get the kids involved in social action.

Prayers for Miley

Donate old sneakers to help Louisville girl with cancer

Dunk Your Kicks came to Kentucky to help raise money for Miley. A six-year-old girl fighting a rare form of pediatric cancer. This article was featured in the Courier Journal. 

Dunk Your Kicks

Port Washington Participates in Dunk Your Kicks

Enjoy this short student-produced video from Port Washington who took a stand against pediatric cancer by dunking their kicks! 

October 2012: Dunk Your Kicks

The Benton Tigers took a stand against pediatric cancer by bringing Dunk Your Kicks to their high school.

Dunk Your Kicks

Dunk your kicks for Kid’s Cancer

Dunk Your Kicks came to Louisiana! David Plotkin speaks to News Channel Six about the Dunk Your Kicks program.

Dunk Your Kicks

‘Dunk Your Kicks’ Raises Awareness for Pediatric Cancer

Local elementary school students are collecting used sneakers, and each pair will generate donations to pediatric cancer causes.

dunk your kicks

Max Cure holds Dunk Your Kicks at Smith Elementary in Tenafly

The Max Cure Foundation held a “Dunk Your Kicks” shoe donation event for pediatric cancer causes yesterday at Smith Elementary School in Tenafly. The event featured ex-NBA player Trent Tucker.

Dunk Your Kicks

Dunk Your Kicks for pediatric cancer | Examiner

February 15th is World Pediatric Cancer Day and several schools across the region are raising money in a unique way to help kids with cancer.