What Are Qualified Kicks?

Because the Kicks we are collecting are being sold as affordable footwear to  developing nations, we need to provide  shoes which can be worn and will last. We appreciate every donation, however for this campaign we have to be specific about the quality of the product we collect. If you have shoes that do not qualify, but you want to donate them, please find a local charity to donate them to. When Dunking Your Kicks please make sure to Dunk only “qualified” sneakers or athletic shoes.

Pile of sneakers dyk

The qualified collection consists of any form of sneaker or tennis shoe including running, training, basketball, high tops, canvas sneakers or any athletic shoe. NO CLEATS of any kind are accepted for fundraising.  No holes or tears and the rubber soles must be intact as the sneakers are used again as footwear. The biggest demand is for adult shoe sizes (5-11) ; however, we do accept all sizes for donation.

We ask that you please leave the laces in the sneakers. All qualified donations must be in pairs (remember they are used again as footwear). Please connect them together or place the pair in the same bag when getting the collection ready for pickup. If using a rubber band or zip tie, please place the soles of the shoes together. You can also tie the shoes together with the laces.

Thank you for your interest in the Dunk Your Kicks program! For more information about where donation locations are currently, please visit our Events page, or click here to bring Dunk Your Kicks to your community.

Dunk Your Kicks for Pediatric Cancer Max Cure Foundation