Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces Team

Dunk Your Kicks is a unique fundraising opportunity asking that you clean your closets of used sneakers and athletic shoes, and that you “Dunk Your Kicks” for pediatric cancer. This program would not work without the support of the community and the individuals who drive these campaigns. The Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces Team is made up highly motivated individuals, and families who are leaders in their communities, all of whom are not afraid to take action. They don’t just talk the talk, they roll their sleeves up and get into the weeds, making real change creating positive impact, which makes a direct difference in the lives of others.  Special Forces is the highest rank!

The Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces are the people and businesses who take charge and are Max Cure’s boots on the ground. These individuals rally their communities and co-ordinate Dunk Your Kicks at their events, churches, temples, schools, camps, sporting events, and businesses.

Dunk Your Kicks Ambassadors

Each month we like to honor and feature those who make a difference in the lives of others. These are our Ambassadors and represent  Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces.

Meet Chris

Chris in NJChris is a 7th grader who lives in Ramsey, NJ. He loves fishing, kayaking, and anything else that brings him outdoors. He’s a member of the Civil Air Patrol, and is also a Boy Scout. If he’s not outdoors, you will probably find him playing the drums or volunteering. Chris loves helping people. He spent last summer volunteering as a counselor at a camp for people with special needs. Chris first brought Dunk Your kicks to Ramsey when he was in 5th grade and his school agreed to let him collect sneakers. Since then, he’s arranged for a Max Cure Dunk Your Kicks booth at Ramsey Day, and followed it up with a month long collection at the Ramsey Library. Chris hopes to have a collection at his current school within the next few months.

Meet BWeezy

BWeezyB Weezy is a 12 year old rapper, singer, and songwriter. He loves basketball, golf, music, hanging with his friends, and continuously adding to his ever growing sneaker collection. B Weezy launched his career at The Loft Sound Studio, making hit videos on You Tube.  He lives in Woodbury, New York and is a 7th grade student at HBT Syosset. He hopes to inspire kids to donate their sneakers to Max Cure Foundation to benefit pediatric cancer.  Last spring he kick-started a campaign at his school launching Dunk Your Kicks, to help a local 13 year old Nicholas who is battling Leukemia. He collected hundreds of sneakers, with the hopes to rally other boys and girls to join the Dunk Your Kicks Campaign. You can find B Weezy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @Bweezyraps.

Shoes Now Have Charitable Purpose

For every pair of sneakers donated, you are helping The Max Cure Foundation fight pediatric cancer! This program is so exciting that not only does it provide hope for children living with cancer in this country, but it keeps shoes out of landfills, and is made available as affordable footwear for  people in developing nations who walk barefoot in the streets. We are making a difference in this world, one pair of Kicks at a time.